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Tiles – Lisbon’s Signature “Thing”

  One of the unique things about Lisbon, Portugal are its tiles. You’ll see houses in every neighborhood fronted with colorful ceramic tiles. I could barely walk down a block without stopping to photograph another tile design. There is even a museum (Museu Nacional do Azulejo) dedicated to the history of tiles in Portugal, with […]

Up, Down, and All Around—Trolley Cars and Leadership

I’m in Lisbon for a month, feeling what it’s like to live in a neighborhood (Santos-o-Velho), explore new sights in a new culture, and continue my work. One big thing I’ve noticed about Lisbon is you must look up, down and sideways if you are really going to take in the beauty of the city…and […]

Beyond My Comfort Zone…And Loving It!

Stretching far out of my comfort zone today. In a different time zone, in a different country, in a different language, heading to a destination I’ve never been. By one bit of security is a good cell signal and google maps. (How did we get along without google maps before???) I’m in Lisbon, Portugal, the […]

I’m Exhausted…and I Didn’t Even Do Anything

I’m standing on the side of a winding country road near a vineyard with tiny green grape clusters reaching for the warm sun, yards from the entrance to a winery known for its excellent Zinfandels. But there will be no wine tasting for me today. This day is all about supporting my husband through Ironman […]

Chocolate Truffles, Onion Soup, and Leadership Lessons

What I learned about leadership from a celebrated French restaurant. How does a traditional French restaurant weather the notoriously competitive and fickle restaurant industry to stay highly successful for over 50 years? And what can those lessons learned teach us about becoming successful leaders? L’Auberge Chez Francoise in Great Falls, VA has received scads of […]

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