Leadership Lessons from Improv

I just finished reading the thoroughly enjoyable Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. Tina has this one part about leadership lessons she learned from doing improv comedy and I love the openness and engagement these ideas create. Here’s what I took away– 1. Agree. Always agree with whatever your partner says. That is their perspective and […]

Rap Music on a Violin? What I Learned About Innovation.

Where does innovation start? Rarely, if ever, is it a lightning bolt out of the blue, Ben Franklin and the kite experiment notwithstanding. The kite thing was just one part of a long series of Franklin’s inquisitive attempts. Innovation begins with grounding in the fundamentals…and then letting what you think you know go. Recently I […]

Ideas in Your Organization: Road Kill or Innovation Engine? Top It!

Have you ever been in one of those meetings where someone brings up an idea…and the rest of the group tears it apart like a pack of hungry crows on a piece of road kill? All too many times, you say? Here’s an idea—“Top It!” I have witnessed—and embarrassing to admit, been part of—organizations who […]

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