emotional intelligence

The Art and Science of Listening

  Great leaders listen. They don’t just hear, they actively listen. When you are talking with them, they make you feel like you are the only person in the world. Many of our interactions are transactional information exchanges, yet there are those times when it is time to go deeper than the casual exchange. That […]

Band-Aids and the Brain

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Skin. Skin loses every time. As I was abruptly reminded when I suddenly found myself sprawled out, face down on a rocky trail in the Catoctin Mountains. Slowing rolling over, relieved that nothing seemed broken except my pride. I figure there will be some swollen knees from taking the brunt of the […]

Where Joy Lives

I met a man this week. Someone who, because of his disability, I put in a (mental) box and dismissed. Seriously combat wounded, his obvious physical and mental challenges frightened me. And I made a too quick decision that there was nothing to learn from him. And I was dead wrong. We naturally do that. […]

Want to be a better Negotiator? Improve your EQ!

Does the word “Negotiation” put a knot in your stomach?  Turns out 39% of professionals in the U.S. feel uncomfortable with negotiations, according to a 2012 LinkedIn Survey of global professionals.  Are you one of those who would consider a visit to the dentist more enjoyable than negotiating for something you really want?  [No offense […]

Stuck on a Problem? The Best Question ever a Leader Can Ask

What is the most powerful question you can ask when an employee has a problem?           — How would you like me to help you think about this? — Yet, what’s our natural tendency? We make comparisons:           “Oh I had something like that happen to me […]

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