Beyond My Comfort Zone…And Loving It!

Stretching far out of my comfort zone today. In a different time zone, in a different country, in a different language, heading to a destination I’ve never been. By one bit of security is a good cell signal and google maps. (How did we get along without google maps before???) I’m in Lisbon, Portugal, the […]

The Gift of Generosity

I recently lost a very good friend to cancer, someone I had known for close to 40 years. My friend was a dynamic spirit who filled her life with adventures. At her celebration ceremony, many people from different interests in her life came forward to share the piece of Valerie that they knew. Her whitewater […]

What Do a Carrot and Being a Leader Have in Common?

When was the last time you played with your food?  I was in Santa Fe NM recently on a long weekend vacation with my sisters. Santa Fe is known as an art community and the three of us are pretty far from being art aficionados. To really experience the vibe of the place I signed […]

Get Real, Be Real—The Impact of Authenticity

“That’s who I am. They will just have to learn to deal with it.”  That was the self-justification of a manager proclaiming her ‘authenticity’ and leaving a trail of employees reeling and ducking for cover. This person voiced whatever came to her mind, often with hurtful impact. That was ‘being real’ in her view. At […]

How do we move from ‘Performance’ to ‘Potential’?

see performance potential

Over coffee with a friend with a mutual interest in creating environments that encourage diversity, she commented on an undercurrent she has observed at several tech industry groups she attends. Her perceptions matched what I have also experienced during my speaking and coaching discussions in various professional forums.   Here’s what we’ve both observed — […]

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