Beyond My Comfort Zone…And Loving It!

Stretching far out of my comfort zone today. In a different time zone, in a different country, in a different language, heading to a destination I’ve never been. By one bit of security is a good cell signal and google maps. (How did we get along without google maps before???) I’m in Lisbon, Portugal, the […]

Bringing Soul to your Bottom Line

The picture above is the (Save Our) Soul box from Penzeys Spice company. After the President’s derogatory comments on immigrants from African nations a few weeks ago, Bill Penzey, Jr., the company’s CEO, sent out a newsletter denouncing the people who continue to support racism in our country. To put ‘skin in the game’ so […]

The Charlie Brown Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

Peppermint Patty: Have you made a New Year’s resolution, Chuck? Charlie Brown: Remember how I used to dread the whole year? Now I’m only going to dread one day at a time.  —from A Charlie Brown Christmas Chuck is onto something. Hint: It’s not the dread.   There is value in having big goals, long term […]

Change your Words, Change your Life

I’ve been conducting a little experiment on myself. Every morning for the last two weeks, I wake up and say, out loud, “It’s going to be an awesome-sauce*day”. No matter what’s on the schedule. No matter how ‘behind’ I feel. No matter how complex and seemingly unsolvable is the challenge in my day. My unscientific […]

How Often Do You ‘Walk Your Talk’?

I’m soaked to the skin, standing in the rain. Thinking, “Jane, here you are taking a first step to ‘walk the talk.’” How many people do you know who fail to ‘walk the talk’? How about that friend who often complains to you about how a co-worker is treating her. But she won’t ‘walk the […]

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