career transition

Look Up, Way Up

Is one of your 2017 goals to get promoted? Do you feel you are doing a good job, getting good reviews, and yet the next level seems to elude you? I have a couple of young professional clients who are feeling this frustration. They have ‘followed the rules’ at their company, gained expertise over the […]

How to Give Better Advice

Why is our valuable advice often ignored? At a party last week a friend announced he had just been let go from his company. After the commiserations, almost everyone in the group starting offering advice. “Well if I were you….” My friend was inundated with well-meaning intentions…and handled it gracefully with polite nods of his […]

It’s not a Women’s issue–It’s a Humanity issue

At the end of Jon Stewart’s interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about her new book “Off the Sidelines,” Gillibrand says she feels lucky to have had many positive role models and mentors in her life—seeing Hillary Clinton speaking in China inspired her to leave her corporate job and do something she really cared about– and […]

Want to Become More Confident? Embrace your Vulnerability

I know a woman–actually I know several–incredibly smart, accomplished, experienced, wide breadth of interests, energetic. A couple of these women actually counter the proverbial “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist” with degrees in aerospace, computer, and electrical engineering.   This woman is at a crossroads in her career and she consciously and subconsciously sabotages herself. […]

I’m a New Manager–What Do I Focus on First?

Shauna has been a great individual contributor and is loved by her clients. She is looking for a new challenge and wants to progress in her field. A manager position just opened up and despite her anxiety over being inexperienced in management, she accepts the promotion.   Even if you are an experienced manager, moving […]

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