Results-Driven’ Category

When Are You ‘Just Right’?

Do you ever have an ‘off’ day?  You have lots to do and find yourself avoiding or undecided about what needs to be done? This could be procrastination. However it can also be a sign that the Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC) of your brain is not optimally engaged.  Or you have lots to do and are […]

What is a Learning Circle?

I’ve been on a roll about Learning Circles…get it circle, roll…? Learning Circles is a peer coaching method which can be incredibly effective when done correctly.  You may have experienced one-on-one coaching, maybe executive coaching, leadership, career, or life coaching. All of these are ways in which a professional coach helps an individual discover new […]

“Results-Driven” — How You Get There is as Important as the Final Destination

“Results-Driven” is usually a highly prized characteristic in a business leader. We want people who are going to get us results. Yet “results-driven” also has a cautionary dark side. In work places where the push for results is strong, it is easy to lose our fragile synchronization with the whole environment in the race for […]

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