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Tiles – Lisbon’s Signature “Thing”

  One of the unique things about Lisbon, Portugal are its tiles. You’ll see houses in every neighborhood fronted with colorful ceramic tiles. I could barely walk down a block without stopping to photograph another tile design. There is even a museum (Museu Nacional do Azulejo) dedicated to the history of tiles in Portugal, with […]

Five Ways Learning Circles Can Help Your Business

In my last two posts I talked about what Learning Circles are, and one way to use them as Learning Enrichment Circles to expand and apply what is learned in a training programs.  Here are 5 other ways Learning Circles can add value to your organization: 1. Transformational Change Initiatives and  2. Leader Development.  The […]

Who is Driving Your Time?

I saw this memo pinned to a hallway bulletin board while I was on the ‘culture tour’ at Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas. I took a picture and have it on my desk as a reminder that I am the one who gets to choose how to use this most precious resource.  Here are six […]

Ideas in Your Organization: Road Kill or Innovation Engine? Top It!

Have you ever been in one of those meetings where someone brings up an idea…and the rest of the group tears it apart like a pack of hungry crows on a piece of road kill? All too many times, you say? Here’s an idea—“Top It!” I have witnessed—and embarrassing to admit, been part of—organizations who […]

Identifying the ‘Atlas’ Manager–Part III

What if YOU are the ‘Atlas’ Manager? In Part I we gave a name to this type of manager, the one who tries to do everything–the Atlas Manager. In Part II, I suggested a couple of ways if you are the team member to try to get the Atlas manager to loosen their grip and include others in […]

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