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I’m Exhausted…and I Didn’t Even Do Anything

I’m standing on the side of a winding country road near a vineyard with tiny green grape clusters reaching for the warm sun, yards from the entrance to a winery known for its excellent Zinfandels. But there will be no wine tasting for me today. This day is all about supporting my husband through Ironman […]

What the Brain is Doing When We Get Feedback

In the “6 Most Dreaded Words” we met David and Shauna, two consultants in a feedback discussion after a presentation. A discussion that is shaping up to be largely one-way (although Shauna is having a robust conversation in her head) and more defensive than effective. How can they have a more productive feedback conversation? Understanding what […]

The Charlie Brown Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

Peppermint Patty: Have you made a New Year’s resolution, Chuck? Charlie Brown: Remember how I used to dread the whole year? Now I’m only going to dread one day at a time.  —from A Charlie Brown Christmas Chuck is onto something. Hint: It’s not the dread.   There is value in having big goals, long term […]

Band-Aids and the Brain

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Skin. Skin loses every time. As I was abruptly reminded when I suddenly found myself sprawled out, face down on a rocky trail in the Catoctin Mountains. Slowing rolling over, relieved that nothing seemed broken except my pride. I figure there will be some swollen knees from taking the brunt of the […]

How ‘bout a Little Night (and Day) Music?

Music can have a powerful impact on our ability to get things done, including focus and creativity. I attended the Kennedy Center’s Music and the Mind production last week, a fascinating collaboration between the National Symphony Orchestra and prominent neuroscientists. It enticed me to take a deeper dive into some of the research around music and […]

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