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Want to be a better Negotiator? Improve your EQ!

Does the word “Negotiation” put a knot in your stomach?  Turns out 39% of professionals in the U.S. feel uncomfortable with negotiations, according to a 2012 LinkedIn Survey of global professionals.  Are you one of those who would consider a visit to the dentist more enjoyable than negotiating for something you really want?  [No offense […]

What’s Your Workplace Mojo?

A Tale of Two Companies Two colleagues had recent job transitions and very different experiences. S. started a new job at a different company. When she walks in the office on the first day, there is a cookbook, two pots of herbs, and a vase of flowers on her new desk. Leaning against the vase […]

Which Stripe is Your Reality?

Hot August days at the beach always bring to mind one of my favorite images for looking at reality: a Beach Ball. A beach ball has many different colored stripes: red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange. Which stripe are you on right now? Does the whole ball look that color, or are you just not […]

Conquering the “Big Five” Challenges of Project Management

I’m putting the finishing touches on our presentation for the 2014 PMI Congress-North America. I feel honored to be selected to speak and share how Emotional Intelligence can help a good PM become a world class leader. I’m paired with my business (and life) partner, Ben Herr, a veteran PMP. We are telling the story […]

It’s not a Women’s issue–It’s a Humanity issue

At the end of Jon Stewart’s interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about her new book “Off the Sidelines,” Gillibrand says she feels lucky to have had many positive role models and mentors in her life—seeing Hillary Clinton speaking in China inspired her to leave her corporate job and do something she really cared about– and […]

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