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The Conversation IS the Relationship

How many times do we repress the urge to say something? Or don’t know how to start? Or blurt something out which muddies the situation even more? Or fear disrupting whatever tenuous balance exists? How can we have rich, impactful conversations that actually create positive change? There are few books that I would label as […]

It’s not a Women’s issue–It’s a Humanity issue

At the end of Jon Stewart’s interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about her new book “Off the Sidelines,” Gillibrand says she feels lucky to have had many positive role models and mentors in her life—seeing Hillary Clinton speaking in China inspired her to leave her corporate job and do something she really cared about– and […]

Four Ways I’m Measuring My Life

How Will You Measure Your Life? –A Book Review By Clayton Christensen, 2012 (with James Allworth & Karen Dillon) I’m a self-improvement junkie and a huge fan of The Innovator’s Dilemma, so I was primed to find out what Clay Christensen had to say about putting measures to your life. Given the Harvard Business School background of […]

How do you bust through the ‘stops’ in your life?

Do you accept it when others say you can’t do something and figure they must be right? Do you do something that proves they are wrong? What motivates you to overcome seemingly insurmountable ‘stops’ in your life? I volunteer as a team leader/coach for an amazing life skills and career transition program called Semper Fi Odyssey which […]

Five Memorable Books that Focus on Business Fundamentals

For several years I was chair of the small business owners group of a large professional organization and also coordinated a business book discussion group. I am often asked to share ideas with others who are in the small or start-up business space. Every business –and owner—is different, so what I try to do is […]

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