The 6 Most Dreaded Words—”Can I offer you some feedback?”

2017-1113 Feedback-I

Shauna and David, both consultants, just made a presentation to a client. David gave the strategic overview and Shauna provided the implementation plan. Afterwards, on the way back to the office, David says, “Shauna, can I offer you some feedback?” […]

The Art and Science of Listening


  Great leaders listen. They don’t just hear, they actively listen. When you are talking with them, they make you feel like you are the only person in the world. Many of our interactions are transactional information exchanges, yet there […]

Finding a Leadership Lesson in my Garden

2017-1017 Butternut Squash

I have a butternut squash growing between the branches of my big azalea bush in the front yard. I didn’t plant the butternut, yet one seed somehow survived a year of mulling in the composter with my kitchen scraps, grass […]

What Do a Carrot and Being a Leader Have in Common?

2017-1004 Santa Fe Art Class

When was the last time you played with your food?  I was in Santa Fe NM recently on a long weekend vacation with my sisters. Santa Fe is known as an art community and the three of us are pretty […]

The Intersection of Art and Leadership

2017-0920 Art & Leadership

Last weekend I found the annual Alexandria Art Festival right in the middle of my weekend walking route. Normally I’d bypass it and take an alternate path. This time I chose to play around and see what caught my eye […]

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